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Adult FALL 2021 35A Thursday 35B Wednesday Leagues



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35+A Thursday or 35+B Wednesday Night Adult League Fall 2021/22 season 24wks


NO payment online.  Please Register online giving us your info & USA Hockey # 



  • $4,350 / Team League Fee 
    • $2,350 Due by September 15, 2021 
    • $2,000 Balance paid by Dec. 1, 2021
  • $600 / 24weeks, 24beers (Option to add)


  • Regular Season Games + Playoffs + Championship Games with consolation games (Single game elimination) Total 24 weeks.

  • First Games: 35+B Wed.Sept.15 / 35+A Thurs.Sept.16 (Ends Wed.March.9 / Thurs.March.10)

  • No games Thanksgiving Nov.24&25, Christmas Dec.22&23

  • 50 minute game times, one resurface at the end, 10/10/12 stop time periods

  • Player Registration must be completed online at  USA Hockey Registration required for all players. 

  • End of year prizes for playoff champions. T-shirts

  • Schedule and scores provided on website at 

  • Team League Fee total $4,350/team 

  • Team League Fee includes referees and scorekeeper for all games.

  • Payment Plan Option: $2,350/team by 9/12/21 and $2,000 balance by 12/1/21. 

  • Beer/Drink Additional Option:  $600/team for $25/24 drinks x 24 weeks

  • Decided at the Thursday, August 12th 6:30pm league meeting: 

    • 1) Playoffs: Must be rostered on the team by December 1st to be eligible to play on that team. 2)Roster: Players can only roster for one team in one division.  3) Roster: 20 maximum players 4) Subs: If 10 guys show up for game NO Subs allowed 5) Payment: If team fee is not paid by December 5th forfeit game. 7)Refs Reminder: 50+ & 35+ Blue line (18A&18B&18C). 8)Odd Team amount in a Division: Bye week for the odd team, they will get that sheet of ice to skate on. No one under age 35 can play in this league, unless they are a goalie.


In order to continue registering you must have a current year USA Hockey confirmation number. If you do not have a confirmation number please first CLICK HERE to register at USA Hockey   Then return back to this page to complete registration with your organization.

Questions regarding this registration?

Please direct any questions regarding this registration to: Michelle Wisenbaugh office (810)744-0800 cell (810)955-9467 or email:

Please direct any questions regarding this league to: Mackenzie office (810)744-0800 or email